About Us

QB Craft Wholesale is a new company built by the founders of The Quilted Bear Ltd. Whilst looking into the haberdashery market we realised that there was a gap in the market for a new product range. After spending hundreds of hours creating, branding and manufacturing we launched our Crafters Dream range. During our distribution conversations we realised we had a whole lot more to offer than just our Crafters Dream range. We set about creating a range of products that we have vast levels of experience with and could competitively offer on a wholesale basis. This process was the genesis of QB Craft Wholesale.

QB Craft Wholesale provide the perfect blend between a large product range and a personalised service. We pride ourselves on being a customer orientated company and look to create lasting relationships with both businesses and the people who run them. We're always looking for the specific needs of a customer and working around them, leading to bespoke plans that give our customers the correct tools to be successful. With our unique position of knowing exactly what our customers go through we have a knowledge base and experience level that is unrivalled.


This website itself was created primarily for ordering purposes but also works perfectly as a catalogue. We aim to create informative description sections that immediately give you all of the information needed to sell the products. All accounts are vetted and approved by our administration department. Accounts are approved in no time at all and allow us to begin our relationship smoothly and quickly. If the website does not appeal then simply give us a call and our customer service operatives would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.