The Quilted Bear Multi-Purpose Cut & Design Shape Template/Ruler

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  • The Quilted Bear’s brand new Dressmaking and Quilting Ruler/Template. Great for easily cutting strips, shapes & bias; this tool really is the perfect multi-purpose ruler.
  • Each cutting slot is positioned at half an inch intervals allowing you to cut anything up to 8″ strips. Simply insert your rotary cutter into the teardrop shaped entry slot and roll your way to perfect strips in no time at all!
  • Why stop at strips? This cutting ruler gives you the ability to easily cut Squares, Diamonds, Triangles and Hexagons just by simply turning the precision ruler. With the 30, 45 & 60 Degree angles marked on, anything is possible.
  • Built onto the edge of the shape ruler we has also included a 12″/31cm conversion ruler & a measure for halves, quarters, three quarters and eighth inch. Perfect for use as a quilting ruler.
  • We’ve not even got to the best part! Adorned with grip circles on the underside, this is a non slip dressmaking ruler that won’t move around whilst you are trying to cut. Grid sized at 12″ x 8″/30.5 x 20.5cm and double thickness for increased durability and precision.

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