The Quilted Bear Multi-Sized Thread Organiser Box 80 Spool (1)

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  • The Quilted Bear’s new sewing storage organiser & cotton reel holder. Thread box has indents to the the top of the lid that match with nodules on the bottom to allow you to safely stack the boxes. Great for effective space use.
  • Strong Acrylic Plastic is both highly durable and extremely lightweight. Large collections of thread can be both heavy and valuable making having a light and durable thread holder paramount.
  • Transparent design allows you to see which threads are in the sewing storage without opening the box. Saves you the frustrating experience of opening a box and not finding the right thread!
  • With more robust sewing boxes a strong clasp closure is imperative. The lid has two clasps at the front of the box that simply clip down and lock in to keep the cotton reel storage from coming open unexpectedly.
  • Large sewing box easily holds 80 spools of varying sizes. Large spaces between slots allows multiple different sizes of thread to easily fit side by side. Perfect as an embroidery thread box or cotton spool holder. Fits spools up to 8cm in height. Box Dimensions are 30.5 x 26.5 x 8.8cm.

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