The Quilted Bear Quilting Clips 18 Pack

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  • Quilting Clips make working with fabric in Quilting, Dressmaking and sewing easy as pie. Clips comfortably hold the fabric without piercing or damaging it.
  • The fabric clips have a wide opening that allows them to hold multiple layers of fabric at once. Perfect for layering materials in Quilting and Patchwork.
  • Curved top of the clips is complemented by a flat bottom, letting them glide across a sewing machine plate. No more worrying about running over pins when using a machine!
  • Made from ABS thermo-plastic which gives the pin clips maximum durability. No more bending or breaking pins! No more sharp points to injure you or your Children!
  • Multi-coloured hemming clips can easily be seen against multiple different fabric colours. Two different pack sizes with an 18 clip starter pack or a 50 clip pack for greater value.

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